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If you’re a growth company needing to raise equity finance, you will be keen to get the highest valuation possible. Your existing shareholders deserve it for taking the early risk and your new shareholders will have greater confidence that you will use their investment to drive up future valuations and provide a good return for them.

The VestDeck investor relations platform helps to achieve these results.

Why use VestDeck

Delivering insight, enabling trust, building a community of relevant opportunities, investors and service providers.

Trusted and Secure

Trusted and Secure

Building Relationships

Building Relationships

Sharing Knowledge

Sharing Knowledge

Linking Service Providers

Linking Service Providers


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Open for Investment

There are companies that provide elements of competition, however, we believe that we have a unique offering that can make Vestdeck a powerful brand in the growing market of investor relations.

How much equity for Investors? 23% for £350k
What shares do Investors receive? Ordinary Shares
What's the minimum funding target? Not less than £150k
An Enterprise Investment scheme company HMRC Advanced Assurance letter

Investors in unlisted companies can enjoy greater returns in comparison to listed firms although the risks are higher, and they lack equity liquidity, i.e. the ability to exit. VestDeck aims to provide information and discussion across multiple crowdfunding opportunities to help investors select the best investments for them and reduce risk. It also plans to provide an indicative secondary market to create better liquidity.

Early stage companies often find it difficult to raise debt finance and frequently have to give disproportionately high levels of equity to attract angel investors to compensate for the risk. Crowdfunding presents a great solution, but a lack of investor communications and no trading share price means that investors are often left in the dark as to any progress or valuation changes.

VestDeck will solve this problem by providing investors with greater transparency, whilst empowering businesses to generate buzz and enthusiasm, so that they are able to raise further funds at higher valuations.

VestDeck is an investor relations platform for unlisted companies that connects businesses to existing and potential investors. Businesses that are voted the best at investor relations tend to outperform competitors.

The explosion of crowdfunding means that many more of us can now participate in these exciting opportunities, but our appetite for information about company progress is difficult to satisfy.

VestDeck’s investor relations platform will change this for the mutual benefit of both investors and companies. Investors will be more able to participate in the buzz of growth whilst businesses will build brand momentum quicker and find willing investors for its next round of investment.

VestDeck will also connect businesses to professional services firms, such as accountants, lawyers, IT, marketing, and PR agencies. These firms will also provide content for the knowledge base. VestDeck will also connect businesses to other sources of finance.

There are increasing numbers of retail investors active in the junior markets and participating in crowdfunding, and the various bulletin boards indicate that they currently feel poorly served when it comes to investor relations.

The VestDeck platform will connect the following three audiences:

  1. Businesses - Make it easier to raise funds to ensure timely growth
  2. Investors - Help find good opportunities, follow progress and manage a portfolio
  3. Professionals - Increase the efficiency of finding and working with growth companies

The funds will be used to complete the development and launch the platform in the United Kingdom by mid-2018.

Participants will be early adopters and beneficiaries of the platform and will help enhance and test the technology. Therefore, investors in VestDeck will obtain benefits across their whole portfolio of unlisted companies as well as the potential to gain a significant return from their investment in VestDeck itself.

The strategy is to float the business or to be acquired by a larger organisation within 3-5 years.

Potential acquirers include:

  • Crowdfunding platforms, perhaps acting as a consortium
  • Business software providers, targeting early access to growth companies
  • Business funding specialists, such as Venture Capital or Private Equity firms

Projected Return

VestDeck’s target is to reach 2,000 client companies within three years to achieve a revenue of GBP 2.5 million.

An application form is available from the Document Library

Please Note

You will need to have sufficient knowledge and experience in financial and business matters to evaluate the merits and risks of acquiring shares in Vestdeck Limited.

In the event that you decide to invest you will need to confirm that you will deliver, (please review your investor status below and print off and sign) either by email or post evidence in the terms of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotion) Order 2005 (as amended) that you are either an advised investor, an everyday investor, a high-net-worth individual or a self-certified sophisticated investor.

Advised Investor
Everyday Investor
High Net Worth Investor
Self-Certified Sophisticated
  • Investing in early stage businesses can lead to higher returns and tax benefits, but can also be more risky
  • Investors are also nervous about dilution and a lack of liquidity

VestDeck will help investors enjoy the benefits of investing in early stage businesses whilst minimising the risks. We aim to achieve this through enhanced communication between businesses and investors to aid growth, increase valuation and minimise dilution, to include improving liquidity through an indicative secondary market trading platform.

VestDeck has achieved the following so far:

  • Thoroughly analysed the market, its needs and the system specification
  • Designed the user interface and developed the user experience of the platform
  • Established an experienced and credible management team
  • Raised initial funding at a strong valuation
  • Launched first application and now inviting companies to build their timeline

The next stage is to complete our 2018 development cycle and launch the platform.

VestDeck aims to create a platform that:

  • Grants investors visibility and choice when making investments
  • Eases the act of follow-on funding for businesses
  • Enables investors to enjoy and participate in the buzz
  • Promotes, rewards and enables investor relations
  • Provides an indicative trading platform for the secondary market

Beck Greener is a London-based firm of patent attorneys, trademark attorneys, design attorneys and IP Litigators.

VestDeck has retained Beck Greener to protect their trademarks, brand identity, intellectual property and software services.

UK Trademark No: UK0000319875


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